The Word of the Lord

*Heb 4:12a For the word of God is quick, and powerful*

By this word Peter caught multitude of fishes (after toiling) i.e. reward after labor. (Luke 5:5)

By this same word, daughter of Jarius was healed, the centurion’s servant was healed, Lazarus was raised, son of widow of Nain was restored back to life and many other miracles., (Luke 8:40-56, Luke 7:1-17, John 11:1-44)

*I don’t know what you need in your life, this morning, the Lord shall speak to your situation in Jesus name.*

There’s an Hausa song that says:
🎼Kayi magana kawai, ya Yesu, kayi magana kawai *(speak Lord Jesus speak)
Kayi magana kawai, na zan damuwa za ta karen *(speak and my problem will be over)*

*The Lord shall speak healing, grace, joy, prosperity, good job,and abundant blessings into your life, family, church and nation in Jesus mighty name.*

*I prophesy, that all your problems are over in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit!*
*You are blessed!*

Good morning!
How are you doing today?
*Jesus loves you ❤*

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