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It has become a popular phrase, most especially among Christians, *’God Understands’*. Yes, our God is a caring, loving & compassionate Father as much as a God and we play on His intelligence at such and so take Him for granted when we want to give an excuse for what we are suppose to do/should have done/should be doing.

Virtually all Christians are *defaulters* of this and this has become our *default* answer to every question poised at us. Yes our God does understands & that was why He came in flesh in person of Jesus Christ to pass through the same thing you pass through, feel what you feel, face what you face and eat what you eat. So that by this, we have no excuse because Jesus came, He saw, felt, ate and still conquered. If Jesus could, then we have no excuse.
Most times, we make the mistake of thinking every of God’s dictates are to be lived/carried out by us. No! It is not so because as humans, we can never please God ‘cos *all our righteousness is but like a filthy rag before God*(Isaiah 64:6). And when we say something is filthy, it means it is dirty, offensive and unpleasant to God. But Christ has come to make everything easy for us *as He was made sin*for us *despite knowing no sin* so that *”we”*(yes, you and I) will be made *”THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD IN HIM(JESUS) 2. Corinthians 5:21″*
Everything required of you to be done as a Christian is to be *done by Christ in you and through you* and because Christ has been made readily available for us, then comes God’s refusal to understand our excuse(s) because we have someone who is ready to take responsibility(ies) on our behalf. Remember He said it in John 15:5b….’ *without Him, we can do nothing’*.

Yes, we can do nothing without Him. We can’t pay tithe without Him, we would become defrauders of first fruit without Him, we can’t pray without Him, we can’t win souls without Him, we can’t praise God without Him, we can’t understand bible passages without Him.
You know why? This is because, *it is God who works in us both to will and to do His good pleasure* Philipians 2:13.

And what is His good pleasure, that none perish, but that all become perfect by coming to the knowledge of His dear Son Ezekiel 18:2, John 3:16 and that we live in the righteousness of Christ Romans 5:21.
On that great day when we would all appear before the *Judgment Seat of Christ* and the whole world is to be judged, God will no longer understand. You will have no excuse before Him. We would be judged invidually, based on our words, actions and thoughts..
God won’t understand your failure to pray, fast, preach the gospel, do good and help the needy.


*_When God No Longer Understands_*

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Adelakun Ayooluwa A.
#The Beloved of God.

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