Restoration from error

The Bible says, there is a way that seems good unto a man, but the end thereof is destruction(way of death. Prov 14:12).

I got this understanding by the Holy Spirit that there are destructive vision and pursuit. In other words, many are diligently pursuing what will destroy their destiny.
Thank God for mercy, David pursued lust (Bathsheba), that brought him curse (2 Sam 11 & 12). He walked in another error by numbering d people (2 Sam 24) that brought evil upon Israel.

*I pray for you, in whatever area you are pursuing a destructive vision, the Lord shall save you in Jesus name .*
*Your pursuit, will, desires, vision etc are sanctified through the blood of the Lamb*
*The Lord shall give you the right vision for your life according to His love, purpose and will for you in Jesus name*
*This season, that good and perfect will of the Lord shall come to full manifestation in Jesus mighty name*

Good morning!
Have a great week!

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