Wednesday July 4, 2018

Welcome to *04/07* and the *OVERTURNED DESTINY TO ENJOY* is in *Micah 04/07*-

_”And I will make her that halted a remnant, and her that was cast far off a strong nation: and the Lord shall reign over them in mount Zion from henceforth, even for ever.”_


One of the specialties of the Almighty God is to overturn grounded destiny into glorious entity- _”He raiseth up the poor out of the dust, and lifteth up the beggar from the dunghill, to set them among princes, and to make them inherit the throne of glory: for the pillars of the earth are the Lord’s , and he hath set the world upon them.”_ 1Sam.2:8

No matter how terrible a life is, God can overturn it into terrific testimony.

No matter how pitiable a case is, God can overhaul it into enviable story.

No matter how miserable a situation is, God can overrule it into mesmerizing moment.


The moment you allow God to reign and takeover your case, He will surely cross you over into glorious destiny just like-:

1. *JOSEPH who from a slave in a foreign country became the Prime Minister*- _”So now it was not you that sent me hither, but God: and he hath made me a father to Pharaoh, and lord of all his house, and a ruler throughout all the land of Egypt.”_ Gen.45:8

2 *DAVID who from a shepherd boy became the foremost King of Israel*- _”He chose David also his servant, and took him from the sheepfolds: ¬†From following the ewes great with young he brought him to feed Jacob his people, and Israel his inheritance.”_ Psa.78:70,71

3. *ESTHER who from an orphan slave became the First Class Queen of Persia*- _”And the king loved Esther above all the women, and she obtained grace and favour in his sight more than all the virgins; so that he set the royal crown upon her head, and made her queen instead of Vashti.”_ Esth.2:17

4. *MARY who from an unknown virgin became the most beloved mother of Jesus*- _”To a virgin espoused to a man whose name was Joseph, of the house of David; and the virgin’s name was Mary. And the angel came in unto her, and said, Hail, thou that art highly favoured, the Lord is with thee: blessed art thou among women.”_ Luke 1:27,28

*You are the next story that God will overturn into enviable glory.*



_O Lord reign over me and overturn my story into enviable glory and mesmerizing greatness in Jesus name._



Good day


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