Don’t Be Deceived



There are several things in life that we have been deceived over. The devil has succeeded in sowing the seed of deceit in our midst and man knowingly or unknowingly has taken to this deceit and even served as an agent of dispersal to spread this deceit all abroad.

One of this main deceit is this popular maxim or is it thought! Do we call it believe? Probably a notion saying;

“When I commit sins so much here on earth and get to Heaven, God will be so angry with me and my sins that He will angrily throw me so forcefully that even when I would be landing, I will be landing at the other side outside of hell thereby finding myself in Heaven”.


The question comes, who told you Heaven comes immediately after Hell (I mean by virtue of location)? Besides, who told you God doesn’t know projectile in physics? He does His calculations well and can never miscalculate. He knows the required angle to displace and how much force needed to push you in that direction. As a matter of fact, God is in all way perfect (Matt. 5:48) so there is no possibility of making mistakes or miscalculations on His (God’s) part. No where is it written in the Bible you would meet Hell first before getting to Heaven. They are two distinct locations located several thousands of miles apart from other. In the story of the Rich man and Lazarus, Luke 16:19-26, we were told of a great gulf in between this two great eternal abode. This insinuates that Hell & Heaven are not placed side by side.


The letter “Y” explains the gulf in between Heaven and Hell. The tail part explains your journey in life to the point of death and at the junction where the two branches meet shows where your eternity begins. Been observant makes you know that the longer you draw your “Y” branches, the wider the space in between them. They are two non parallel lines; so also is Hell & Heaven. There is a wide gulf in between them both.


Matthew 7:13 tells us narrow is the way to salvation(Heaven) but broad is the way to destruction(Hell). This means categorically that Heaven & Hell aren’t on the same course ‘cos two distinct roads lead to this distinct locations. Matt 25 gives an idea as to the location of Heaven & Hell @ the point of eternity. It states Heaven to be on the Right where the sheep are separated and Hell on the Left where goats are.


The only thing the Bible makes us understand come after Hell is THE LAKE OF FIRE which is more terrible than Hell because it is the second death. Then maybe if you want to get thrown, then you could be the first to land in the Lake of Fire(smiles).


Don’t be mocked, God is not deceived. Whatsoever a man soweth so he shall reap. Galatians 6:7.

If you are deceived, God isn’t. So stop deceiving yourself!

Don’t wait till the reality dawns on you before you eventually believe the reality of things.


Mumu Don Do!

Don’t Be Deceived!


Adelakun Ayooluwa A.


19th November, 2017.

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